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Virtual Urgent Care

Receive prompt medical attention for non-life-threatening conditions
through our virtual urgent care services. Our medical officers are skilled in diagnosing and treating a wide range of common illnesses, injuries, and minor emergencies. From respiratory infections and allergies to minor cuts and sprains, we are here to provide you with the care you need.

Weight Loss Programs

Achieve your weight loss goals with our comprehensive weight loss programs. Our experienced team will create a personalized plan tailored to your unique
needs. Through nutritional guidance, exercise recommendations, and ongoing support, we will help you reach your desired weight and improve your overall well-being

Virtual care, real results.

Expert Medical Opinion

Get medical advice from leading medical experts. Whether you need medical questions answered, a diagnosis double-checked, help deciding on a treatment plan or guidance about a surgery, we can help. Contact us today to make clear and informed medical decisions.

IV Therapy

Rejuvenate your body and enhance your wellness with our IV therapy treatments. Our carefully crafted IV drips are designed to provide essential nutrients, vitamins, and hydration directly into your bloodstream. Experience increased energy, improved immune function, and enhanced overall wellness through our customized IV therapy options

Primary Care

Connect with any of our licensed board certified providers via video or phone call for convenient, personalized and quality care when you need it. Our board certified providers have over 15 years experience treating acute and chronic illness across lifespan.

Additional Services

Medication refill (Non-narcotic). Get a new prescription or refill on existing medication online. Book an appointment today and save on copay.

Routine lab work. You may use your insurance or take advantage of our highly discounted self pay rate for labs.

Preventative screening referral
High Blood pressure.
Diabetes screening and treatment.
Hypertension screening and treatment.
Chronic Allergies.
High Cholesterol.